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How I Work

Due to my psychological background, I am trained in a range of different modalities, and draw on different techniques, tailoring my work to each client.


The bulk of my experience and expertise are in providing Person-Centred therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I do however occasionally draw on techniques from Psychodynamic therapy and Systemic therapy, amongst many others

Counselling Modality

Person-Centred Therapy

In this modality, the client holds the steering wheel. Therapy is led by you, and the direction of therapy is flexible. The therapy is exploratory in nature and does not have to be time limited. It can be helpful for clients who want to use therapy as a place to be empowered to discover their own answers

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cogntive Behavioural Therapy is a lot more structured as a modality. It is based on the premise that our thoughts, behaviours, physical sensations and feelings are all connected. Through intercepting unhelpful thoughts and techniques such as behavioural activation, CBT seeks to modify bodily sensations and emotional responses, and get the whole person feeling better. CBT is goal oriented and practical in nature, and therefore establishing a goal for therapy and regular take-home tasks can be expected.

You don't have to have all the answers as to your preferred way of working before you attend. This is something that we will discuss together in your Initial Session, and figure out together.

Length of Therapy

There is no fixed amount of time that we must work together for, and the length of our counselling contract is totally dependent on you. You may come already decided on how many sessions you would like to have, or may choose to see how it goes and have things more open ended - and that is perfectly fine too!

I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions, mainly because it takes a few sessions to get to know each other and to really get into the work, but there is no upper limit and you are more than welcome to have many more sessions.

I'm Interested ... what now?

Fill out an 'Expression of Interest' form - very brief, just a few questions to get a feel of what you are looking for

We meet for an initial session. It is an opportunity for you to meet me and find out about how I work, but also for me to find out more about what has brought you to therapy and what your expectations are

We regularly evaluate how therapy is going for you - how you're finding it, what's working well, what needs changing, evaluating previously set goals as well as making room for any new ones you may identify that you would like to work on

I will be in contact very shortly via your preferred method of contact to offer you an initial session

Should you decide to continue therapy with me, we agree on a counselling contract, book in a few more sessions and roll on from there!

At a point that suits you, we work towards an ending. This could be due to the ending of the counselling contract, or having fulfilled your goal, or feeling ready to move on, or to be referred to another service for specialist work.

Even the sweetest of endings can be difficult, but I will endeavour to ensure that you feel safe and supported







My Approach
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