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Online Therapy

We understand that in amongst hectic schedules, inconveniences with distance and travel and global situations such as COVID-19 which necessitate different means of social interaction, meeting face to face for therapy is not always the most convenient or ideal situation ... and that's okay.

At Therapyish we are firm believers that these circumstances should not hinder access to the support you may need. We therefore provide online therapy that you may access from your very own home.

We provide this service via a platform called Webex - quite similar to Skype or Facetime in that it provides us the opportunity to have a face-to-face therapy experience, be it remotely.

There is nothing quite like a physical in-the-room therapy experience, and so as far as possible we do advise that you book in-person therapy sessions, however this snazzy platform provides us the opportunity to make sure you still have your sessions in times when that may not be possible.

Enquire about Online Therapy.

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