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good quality, simple and stripped back therapy... but without any                    or assumptions about what that means about you, or the height of your problems



Therapyish ... the concept

It's completely normal to feel apprehensive or skeptical about THERAPY ... what it is, what the point of it is and of what benefit it will be to you

The idea of talking to a stranger may seem weird, but the whole idea of getting therapy is to be able to speak to a trained professional - who is impartial and will not be personally affected by anything you say - and work through some things that may have implications or be a bit more difficult to discuss with people you know.

A trained therapist will also often have experience in supporting people through specific issues, and may be able to equip you with certain tools to help you through your challenges.

More than anything ... a therapeutic space IS NOT a place where you come to seek advice of a life-guru. Actually, you are the expert on your life, and you always will be. Instead, it is a place of exploration, a safe space where hopefully you and I can come together seek out the best way forward for you. And that's what  I seek to provide ... a C O M F O R T A B L E  space where you can feel empowered to work through the tricky parts of life

My name is Nikita  and I am a Counsellor. I offer 1:1 therapy for adults over the age of 18, with a range of different difficulties or reasons for accessing therapy. I have had experience offering therapy in drug and alcohol services, custodial settings and in the NHS, as well as working in various mental health organisations.

I believe that therapy is for all, and is a useful tool in all situations. Whether you're really going through things and need someone to hash out the difficulties with, or you're going through a tricky life transition and feel you need some support, or you're on a journey of self discovery and need a point of reflection ... whether you're going through a period of depression, or anxiety, bereavement, relational difficulties, low self-esteem or anything I haven't already mentioned ... I invite you to come and have an initial appointment with me - where we can talk more about the kind of support you are looking for, and you can get a feel for how I work and the services I provide.


Contact Me

Got questions? Are you interested in finding out a bit more before you sign up for therapy? Or any enquiries? Are you interested in booking me for a talk or event?


Drop me an email and I will be sure to get back to you shortly!

I am based in Canning Town and work from a premises called Expressway. It is within close proximity of Royal Victoria and West SIlvertown stations and has good transport links from Central and Greater London.

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